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Research on Drainage Management System Development Based on SWMM, GIS, and Database Technique

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DOI: 10.25236/icme.2019.033


Hanlin Wang, Gaoxiang Ren, Xuanyi Zhang, Zhiyong Wang, Shoudong Wang, Wei Cai and Bin Xiao

Corresponding Author

Bin Xiao


Recent years, with the development of urbanization and the frequent appearance of extreme rainfall events, urban drainage system appears many serious problems and the urban flooding is taken place frequently. Economic losses and irreparable consequences are brought to the city. To solve the above problems, three technique of GIS (Geographic Information System), SWMM (Storm Water Management Model) and database are combined to build the urban drainage geographic information platform. The platform integrates management, simulation, analysis and data processing into a whole. The simulation and analysis of the water drainage pipe network system are carried out on the platform. The Beijing Capital International Airport Intelligent Drainage Information System is taken as a case study, and the detail is illustrated on the aspects of data collection, data management, software architecture design, software interface design and the integrative platform building. The intelligent management of drainage pipe system can be supported by the research.


Urban drainage management system; system development; storm water management model; geographic information system