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Study on Maintenance Technology of Key Components of Emu Bogie

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DOI: 10.25236/icme.2019.029


Qiupeng Wang

Corresponding Author

Qiupeng Wang


With the rapid development of China's economic level, China has made great progress in railway, especially in recent years with the progress of science and technology, emu in China is more and more popular, and gradually replace the trend of traditional railway trains. Because of the rapid development and application of bullet train, people pay more and more attention to the safety of bullet train operation. The bogie is closely related to the running safety of the bullet train, and its state will have a critical impact on the running of the train. The key parts of the bogie have direct influence on the running state of the bogie. Therefore, the maintenance of the key parts of the bogie has been paid more and more attention. This paper firstly summarizes the basic structure and working principle of the bogie, and establishes the key components of the emu bogie on the basis of consulting a large number of materials, and establishes the maintenance model, according to the maintenance model, analyzes the faults of several key components and puts forward the relevant maintenance strategies. It is not only conducive to the maintenance and normal operation of trains, but also plays a certain role in promoting the safety development of China's high-speed train industry.


Emu Bogie; Key parts and components; Maintenance Model; Maintenance Technology