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Research and Application of Digital Twin in Steelmaking Production Scheduling

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DOI: 10.25236/icme.2019.028


Qiaoshun Wu, Cheng Chen, Kun Pi and Haibo Peng

Corresponding Author

Haibo Peng


With the increasing number of embedded devices connected by factory manufacturing process, steelmaking process management is one of the important contents of enterprise production management, and it is a technical means to ensure the normal operation of iron and steel production. [1] in the field of industrial automation, with the transfer of applications and services to unmanned, the main modes of data and operation location have been changed, which has also brought subversive changes to the field of embedded equipment. For example, with the intelligence of embedded products and typical IT components in many industrial automation fields, such as manufacturing execution systems and production planning systems, and the increasing degree of connectivity, production equipment will no longer be single and independent in the past. The individual. The main part of this paper is digital twin system in steelmaking production scheduling, including terminal module, planning module, Gantt chart module, data storage module and so on. Among them, according to the actual production line equipment situation, the Gantt chart module will draw the status diagram of all the equipment of the production line, and map out the current production furnace information. According to the production situation of each process, the starting production time and the end time of the furnace number in each process will be calculated, and drawn out in the diagram. The system can make steelmaking engineers intuitionistic, complete and effective planning, organization of production and transmission of production information between production positions. It makes the production in steelmaking process accurate, effective and raw. The production process record is clear, complete and accurate, and the level of production process monitoring can be improved, so that the production personnel can accurately grasp the production rhythm, control the production quality and improve the production level.[2]


Digital Twin; Gantt chart; steelmaking production scheduling