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Observation and Treatment of Small Area Deep Burn Wounds in Plastic Surgery

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DOI: 10.25236/icme.2019.013


Hongli Guo, Jianghua Li, Liu Wei

Corresponding Author

Jianghua Li


To study the effect of plastic and cosmetic surgery on the repair of patients with small-scale deep burns. Methods: The treatment effect was studied with reference method. The patients who participated in the experiment were selected from 60 patients with small area deep burns treated in our hospital. All patients were divided into a routine group and a cosmetology group, each with 30 cases. The repair measures implemented by the patients in the conventional group adopt the conventional model. The patients in the beauty group use plastic and cosmetic surgery repair technology to compare the treatment effects of different repair methods of the two groups of patients with the quality of life of the patients. Results: After using plastic and cosmetic surgery repair technology in the beauty group, the total effective rate, ADL index, psychological function index, social function index, and physical function index were compared with those in the conventional group, which was significantly better than that in the conventional group. Significant, with statistical significance (P <0.05). CONCLUSION: The use of orthopedics and cosmetic surgery in the repair of small-area deep burn disorders has significant effects, and the effectiveness of scar reduction has been reduced. The quality of life of patients has generally improved and can be widely used in clinical repair treatment.


Small-area deep burns; wounds; plastic and cosmetic surgery; treatment method; repair effect