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Effects of Pioglitazone and Trehalose on Cognitive Impairment in Sevoflurane Anesthetized AD Mice

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DOI: 10.25236/icme.2019.012


Lili Song and Song Zhao

Corresponding Author

Song Zhao


To investigate the effect and mechanism of pioglitazone and trehalose on cognitive dysfunction of sevoflurane anesthetized AD mice. Methods: APP / psi double transgenic mice were divided into control group, model group, trehalose group, chiglitazone group, trehalose + pioglitazone group (n = 24). Each group was anesthetized with sevoflurane (control group was given oxygen) after the corresponding intervention, and the cognitive function of mice was evaluated. Western blot method was used to detect the expression level of Fas-FasL pathway related proteins. TUNEL method was used to calculate the neuron apoptosis rate. Results: compared with the model group, trehalose group and pioglitazone group, the escape period of water maze, the apoptosis rate and the expression level of a β in the combined group were significantly lower, but significantly higher than that in the control group (P < 0.05). The time of water maze exploration and the expression level of Fas, FasL and caspase-3 protein in the combined group were significantly higher than those in the other groups. Conclusion: Trehalose combined with pioglitazone can improve cognitive function, which may be related to down regulating Fas / FasL pathway.


Alzheimer's disease; β - amyloid protein; neuron apoptosis; pioglitazone; trehalose