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The Influence of Coal Water Resources Development on the Development of Agriculture and Forestry

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DOI: 10.25236/icme.2019.002


Yu-zhe Zhang, Xiong Wu

Corresponding Author

Xiong Wu


With the rapid development of human society, especially the increasing population, the rapid rise of industry and agriculture, people's demand for water resources is also increasing. In this case, the shortage of water resources and the environmental protection of water resources have attracted more and more attention. Coal water resource is produced in coal mining and belongs to coal mine drainage. Every year, a large part of coal mine water resources are wasted due to coal mining in China. Reasonable development and utilization of these coal water resources will not only help alleviate the problem of insufficient water resources in China, but also have a great impact on the surrounding agriculture and forestry. This paper makes a simple analysis on the current situation and necessity of coal water resources development, and on the basis of factor analysis method, it emphatically analyzes the influence of coal water resources development on the development of surrounding agriculture and forestry. This research is not only conducive to the effective development and utilization of coal water resources in the future, but also has a certain positive significance for related research.


Coal Water Resources; Agroforestry; Factor Analysis Method; Resource Development