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A Pilot Study on the Evaluation of Land Resource Carrying Capacity Supported by the Results of National Geographic Census

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DOI: 10.25236/icme.2019.001


Zhenlin Li, Fengying Xu, Xiaoxia Xu, Dandan Xiang

Corresponding Author

Fengying Xu


The traditional methods of carrying capacity evaluation of land resources are mainly based on quantitative indexes and lack of spatial distribution differences. In this paper, the application of a geared to the needs of space development and utilization of land resources carrying capacity evaluation technology, through the comprehensive consideration of overlapping county development affect significantly and significant factors, using the step of the algorithm is suitable for the measuring idea of county land area and spatial distribution, and then compared with the existing state of development analysis, to study the carrying capacity of land resources in Diebu county. The results show that the carrying capacity of land resources in Diebu County is not overloaded, and the current situation of land construction and development basically conforms to the actual situation of the county. This method adds spatial distribution evaluation to the carrying capacity of land resources, and solves the problem that the traditional method is based on quantitative evaluation and lacks positioning evaluation, which is difficult to effectively reflect the state of development and utilization of the carrying capacity of land resources.


Geographical census; Land resources; Carrying capacity; Evaluation of spatial distribution; Pilot study; Diebu County