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Research on Countermeasures to Improve College Students' Physical Fitness Test Results

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DOI: 10.25236/icssae.2019.139


Lin Wang and Li Zeng

Corresponding Author

Lin Wang


College students' strong physique is an important embodiment of a nation's vigorous vitality and a sign of social civilization and progress. Good physical quality is a favorable guarantee for college students to study, live and work in the future. Therefore, our country needs to further strengthen the physical fitness test of college students, and make students understand the importance of the system test through active publicity and guidance, so as to further improve the physical fitness level of college students in our country. This paper analyzes and studies the physical health test of college students. In addition, the problems and causes of college students' physical fitness tests are analyzed in depth, and some relevant countermeasures and suggestions are put forward to enhance the physical health of college students. The purpose is to correctly guide college students to actively strengthen their own exercise and improve their physical quality, so as to ensure the healthy and sustainable development of the overall physical health level of college students in our country, and further realize the purpose of improving college students' physical fitness.


Physique test; College students; Evaluate; College student; Efficient