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The Practice of School-enterprise Collaborative Education Mechanism of Modern Apprenticeship under Multiple Platforms

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DOI: 10.25236/icssae.2019.137


Zhenghe Song,Cao Yan and Hui Wang

Corresponding Author

Zhenghe Song


Modern apprenticeship is the hot point in the current vocational education reform in our country; the cooperative education is the core of the modern. Apprenticeship and active exploration and practice in our diverse platform of modern apprenticeship university-enterprise collaboration are an effective means of training. Talents, in accordance with the specifications, the modern apprenticeship training play between the two sides in the process of cultivation of talents advantages, explore the talent training scheme from double subject development, build the curriculum. System and practice base, characteristics of co-construction and sharing of teaching resources, the double tutorial system class management, collaboration between. Colleges double mentor teaching team, make joint student assessment and evaluation system of six aspects, to build a school-enterprise collaborative education mechanism based on modern apprenticeship system, and to provide theoretical reference and practical basis for the innovation and development of technical talents in China.


Modern apprenticeships; School-enterprise cooperation; Collaborative education; practice