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Application of New Media "Micro-lecture" in the Training of Tourism Poverty Alleviation in Sichuan

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DOI: 10.25236/icssae.2019.133


Shaoyu Liu, Changjiang Tao and Genjin Sun

Corresponding Author

Changjiang Tao


Leisure agriculture and rural tourism is an important part of modern tourism. And it is the "booster" of poverty alleviation in Sichuan Provinve, China. In the process of tourism poverty alleviation, the traditional teaching mode can no longer satisfy the learning needs of the vast number of farmers and rural tourism practitioners. With the progress of modern technology such as smart phones、new media, combined with the local actual situation, the "Micro-lecture" and other information-based teaching methods should be applied to vocational training. Based on the current situation of tourism training in poverty-stricken areas, this paper analyzes the needs of learners, combines the characteristics of micro courses, and provides a reference for the new media platform tourism poverty alleviation training, so as to better promote the development of tourism and poverty alleviation in China and even the whole country.


Tourism Poverty Alleviation; Micro-lecture; Rural Revitalization; Rural Tourism