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The Hanzhong Written Poetry of Tang Dynasty and Contemporary Urban Construction in Hanzhong

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DOI: 10.25236/icssae.2019.132


Zhongjun Wang

Corresponding Author

Zhongjun Wang


Hanzhong is geographically located in the center of the map of China. Its geographical feature is "strategically located and difficult to access in four stoppages". Hanshui River’s origin is through-flowed and has a long history. In the poets’ pens of the Tang Dynasty, its traffic was very convenient, the history and culture were profound, the natural environment was beautiful, and the cultural atmosphere was strong. This paper aims to explore the new findings, new ways to realize the spread of modern Hanzhong City image through the study of Hanzhong's written poetry in the Tang Dynasty in combination with the transformation of Hanzhong's City, and explore the importance of urban communication, endow Hanzhong, a historic and cultural city with a special and innovative connotation in visual form, and provide a feasible proposal and plan. Hanzhong crosses the north and south, and has two water systems of Hanshui and Jialing River. It is known as the “Jiangnan in the Northwest”. Thanks to the city’s profound historical and cultural heritage and outstanding humanities, Tang Dynasty’s countless poets stopped to enjoy them, some sang, some contemplated, some exclaimed, some were curious, some evoked memories of the past while living in the present, some indulged without scruples, all of these injected the romantic and fanatical blood of the Tang Dynasty into Hanzhong City, providing more colorful content for the spread of contemporary Hanzhong City.


Poetry of the Tang Dynasty; Hanzhong writing; urban construction