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Analysis on the Targeted Poverty Alleviation Path and Countermeasures of Private Economy in Yunnan Province

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DOI: 10.25236/icssae.2019.131


Tian Gan

Corresponding Author

Tian Gan


By the end of 2017, there were 1.81 million poor households in Yunnan Province, with a population of 1.476 million, with a poverty rate of 13.64%; The number of poverty-stricken counties reached 88, accounting for 68.2% of the county (city, district) administrative areas . The task of poverty alleviation is very hard. In order to achieve "hematopoietic" poverty alleviation, it is necessary to use the industrial poverty alleviation method, which has become a major consensus of the national poverty alleviation work. In the industrial poverty alleviation, the private economy industry, which is increasing in proportion, is doing its part, and it is showing a booming trend under the “new normal” environment. This paper will analyze the methods, paths and countermeasures of targeted poverty alleviation in the private economy in Yunnan province.


Yunnan province; Private economy; Poverty alleviation path; Countermeasures