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An Analysis on the Sense of Responsibility and Behavior Features of Tourists towards the World Cultural Heritage

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DOI: 10.25236/icssae.2019.128


Changjiang Tao, Shaoyu Liu, Qiang An and Shanshan Ma

Corresponding Author

Shaoyu Liu


Taking Qingcheng Mountain-Dujiangyan irrigation as the research object, this research discussed the sense of responsibility and behavior features of tourists in the world heritage sites, as well as the relationship between tourists' sense of responsibility and behavior. Based on the questionnaire survey, this paper applied the exploratory factor analysis and the correlation analysis of SPSS, the results showed that, tourists is generally weak and their environmental behavior needs to be strengthened; the attitude of tourists' responsibility is associated with their environmental behavior, and the positive attitude of heritage responsibility has a significant influence on the active participation behavior and subsequent protection behavior. A series of Suggestions were discussed in last part. At first, the sense of responsibility towards the heritage sites should be strengthened independently and disruptive behavior should be controlled. Furthermore, heritage-related tourism organizations should actively guide and improve the level of service management; apart from that, the long-term strategy about heritage site tourist awareness education program should be put on the agenda. Moreover, the government should strengthen the legislation. Eventually, the atmosphere about protecting the world cultural heritage in whole society should be cultivated.


World cultural heritage; Responsibility sense of tourists; Behavior features of tourists; Qingcheng Mountain–Dujiangyan irrigation