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Study on Straw Prohibition in Heilongjiang Province

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DOI: 10.25236/icssae.2019.124


Ning Shi, Xuechao Wang and Gerile Bao

Corresponding Author

Ning Shi


Heilongjiang province adheres to the goal of improving the comprehensive utilization rate of straw, protecting the ecological environment and improving the quality of cultivated land, and actively promotes the treatment of straw for environmental protection, contributing to winning the battle of protecting the blue sky. To understand the current straw processing is completed, the work are faced with the problem, the NBS survey office in Heilongjiang province in the province of 8 counties (city) to carry out the survey, the results showed that straw processing is better, work around the straw stalk comprehensive utilization is higher, have been found due to the low germination rate and disease and insect phenomenon caused by the straw returned, but the straw handle problems still need to work seriously, the government need to grab from the source, the top-level design.


Heilongjiang province; The straw; Ban on burning