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Investigation and Research on Straw Leaving Field in Heilongjiang Province

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DOI: 10.25236/icssae.2019.123


Ning Shi, Xuechao Wang and Gerile Bao

Corresponding Author

Ning Shi


In September 2018, Heilongjiang province issued the interim provisions on rewards and punishment for prohibiting straw burning in the open air, strictly controlling the phenomenon of straw burning in the open air. The release of this regulation effectively inhibited the open burning of straw and brought good air quality to our province. At the end of February 2019, in order to do a good job in preparing for spring ploughing production, our province has made deployment, requiring the majority of farmers in all regions in the specified period of time as soon as possible to make straw off the field, the disposal of arable land residue. What is the effect? What else can farmers expect? Recent NBS survey office in Heilongjiang province in 13 cities and counties in 546 related personnel has carried on the questionnaire survey for the fourth time, and Harbin Hulan district to carry out the research for the third time, the results showed that part of the plot of straw from the field status has yet to reach for spring production requirements, the ground and residue exists, if processing is not good will not only affect agricultural production this year, also affects the rural areas in the future and masses straw comprehensive confidence and determination.


Heilongjiang province; The straw; Leave the field