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Construction and Practice of Ten Educational Systems of "Three All-round Education" in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icssae.2019.122


Shuang Guo

Corresponding Author

Shuang Guo


"Three all-round education" is the general term for all-staff education, whole-course education, and all-round education. It is based on the "ten educational systems" such as curriculum education, scientific research education, practice education, cultural education, network education, psychological education, management education, service education, funding education and organizational education. By comprehensively planning all aspects of running schools, all links of education and teaching, and all aspects of resources and power of talents cultivation, this paper explores to promote colleges and universities to focus on educating people. It aims to promote ideological and political work in colleges and universities to be integrated into each link of talents cultivation, realize the function of ten educational systems of "three all-round education" and improve the educational quality.


Colleges and universities; Three all-round education; Construction and practice