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Analysis and Impact of Chain Reaction on the Value Chain of Financial Enterprise Groups

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DOI: 10.25236/icssae.2019.120


Ni Dan

Corresponding Author

Ni Dan


Facing the changeable domestic and foreign markets, as well as the political, social, cultural and other factors, the enterprise group loses without careful. Small events can often have a chain reaction impact on the value chain of an enterprise group and its financial companies. Based on centralized fund management, capital operation, capital appreciation, raising financing, internal credit financing and other financial services business of enterprise group financial management department or financial companies, according to the product sales, trade and investment, experimental research, in the field of brand, sales, storage, production and circulation, financial enterprise groups take different control measures on the area of storage, production and research, coping with the chain reaction, to ensure that the enterprise group could expand the market.


Chain reaction; Cash flow; Value chain