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Research on the service of Private Universities for the regional Economic Development in Hubei Province

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DOI: 10.25236/icssae.2019.107


Huimin Xu

Corresponding Author

Huimin Xu


At present, Hubei Province has seized the important opportunity of “one core, two belts and three districts” strategy. Hubei private colleges and universities should give full play to their professional and technological advantages and talent advantages to serve regional economic and social development. However, due to week foundation for running schools, limited funds, week scientific ability, imperfect mechanism of cooperation with enterprise and lagging professional settings, private colleges and universities have not been effective in serving regional economic development. Professional settings should rely on regional economic reality, actively enhance the ability to transform scientific research results, improve the cooperation between schools and enterprises, and the government should strengthen its support and cooperation with private universities.


Private colleges and universities; school-enterprise cooperation; school-government cooperation