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Design and Exploration of College Squash Course Under the Background of Course Ideological Management

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DOI: 10.25236/icssae.2019.104


Junjie Wang

Corresponding Author

Junjie Wang


Various of research methods will be applied to this thesis, such as survey interview, literature consulting, case analysis and etc. Through combining with the squash course (an elective course) in Shanghai Second Polytechnic University, the squash course will be designed and explored around the course objectives, course content, teaching hours, teaching methods, assessment and other aspects. The course aims at enabling our students to master a novel sports program and cultivating the spirit of hard work, solidarity and cooperation. On the other hand, the thesis will form a combination of physical education and ideological and political education, which is conducive to constructing of the Great Ideological Management system in college and enhancing the pertinence and effectiveness of the ideological and political education in college. The thesis will show practical guiding significance for the reform and development of physical education in college.


Course Ideological Management; College Physical Education; Squash; Course Design