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Exploration of Self-Behavior Management Model for Improving College Students' Ideological and Political Quality

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DOI: 10.25236/icssae.2019.097


Mingsheng Li

Corresponding Author

Mingsheng Li


To improve the ideological and political quality of College students, It is unsatisfactory to rely solely on the theoretical preaching of Ideological and political courses. It is necessary to combine the management of college students' self-behavior, Cultivate conscious, Active and practical moral self-discipline and behavior habits, And use good deeds to feedback and promote the innovation and sublimation of ideology. Through literature and expert interviews, This paper explores the ideological and behavioral management model of College students, And holds that it is necessary to select materials from history so that college students can read historical records and learn from history; To do well in the small facts around them and avoid being too ambitious and too skillful; To be filial to their parents at home, To respect teachers in school, and to live a frugal and self-disciplined life. To be tolerant and friendly to people and to learn to share with others, we should melt the ideological and political quality into our soul and express it in our daily life, And become college students in the new era of combining learning with practice and knowledge with practice


Ideological and political quality; self-behavior; management mode