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Analysis On Oil Painting Creation from Perspective

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DOI: 10.25236/icssae.2019.094


Xianqiang Feng

Corresponding Author

Xianqiang Feng


This paper combs the formation and development of perspective, from the early theory limited to near-large and far-small to the process of improved principles of perspective in On Line Perspective. This paper compares the different understandings and expressions of perspective in Chinese painting, and the "rebellion" of cubism against perspective. By understanding the relevant basic laws of perspective, we can make use of the rich changes in perspective to more freely use its laws, which will make oil painting more expressive, instead of being restricted by laws. This paper uses the National Art Fund project, Oriental Castle--Charming Qiang Village, and Zhong Biao's work, To the Future, to analyze how to rationally use perspective laws to create oil paintings so as to make it provide a source for the oil painting creation instead of becoming a shackle to hinder its creation.


Focus perspective; Scatter perspective; Oil painting creation