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Investigation on the Status of Self-management of Chronic Diseases and its Prospects

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DOI: 10.25236/icssae.2019.088


Yanxin Mei, Guoxi Wang, Weijian Jin, Zhilei Ma and Xiang Fang

Corresponding Author

Xiang Fang


The quality of self-management of patients with chronic diseases has an important impact on the final treatment effect. Based on the research of relevant literatures at home and abroad, this paper designs and implements a questionnaire survey on the self-management status of chronic diseases. The survey found that patients with chronic diseases generally lack professional knowledge learning ways, self-management awareness and ability, as well as effective way to communicate with doctors. Finally, this paper analyzes and forecasts the help and possible path of mobile Internet technology to improve the self-management ability of patients with chronic diseases.


Chronic disease; Self-management; Mobile internet