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The Study of Nurturing Model of Broadcasting Hosts in Minority Languages

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DOI: 10.25236/icssae.2019.083


Jing Su

Corresponding Author

Jing Su


China is a country with many ethnic minorities who have their own unique languages, so programmes made in languages of ethnic minorities naturally become the communicative bridge between the government and all ethics. Ethic language programmes have significant impacts on solving minority issues, spreading a good external image and, inheriting and carrying forward minority culture to protecting intangible cultural heritage, and then these programmes can help to maintain national feelings and national unity to build national harmony, as well as disseminate the government's policies. As a university of educating broadcasting hosts, it’s worth to think about the two questions: first, what kind of attitudes should be adopted to review the teaching status of minority languages' broadcasting and dubbing? Second, how should the teachers train broadcasting hosts in languages of ethnic minorities?We found in the survey that programmes in minority languages are popular in ethnic regions with high listening and viewing ratings. In addition, many minorities are cross-board living, so those foreigners by board, who understand well minority languages at the board, also like to comprehend China via Chinese radio programmes in minority languages. Therefore, it's easy to see the essential status of minority languages programmes in minority nationality areas. At present, however, the development of programmes in ethnic minority languages is not positive since the traditional media are experiencing a shock because of new media. On account of the shortage and loss of broadcasting hosts in minority languages, the broadcasting programme in minority languages is facing its bottleneck in the development. For this reason, it's eventful to seek out a kind of nurturing model of broadcasting talents in minority languages which is suitable for Chinese current situation.


Minority language programmes; Broadcasting hosts in minority languages; Nurturing mode