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Analysis of the Current Situation of Post-school Physical Exercises in Middle Schools in the Central District of Ganzhou

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DOI: 10.25236/icssae.2019.081


Ganjun Liu, Chong Xiao and Qiaozhen Yan

Corresponding Author

Qiaozhen Yan


In order to improve middle school students' interest in PE,This paper investigates the current situation of post-school physical exercise in the central district of Ganzhou, analyzes the existing problems and puts forward relevant suggestions. In the course of this survey, most middle school students in the central city of Ganzhou have a positive attitude towards participating in extracurricular physical exercise, but they are constrained by many factors, making the number of participation in exercise less and the time is shorter. The college entrance examination pressure is the most important and direct cause of their participation. The lack of school venue facilities and sports equipment is an important reason for restricting their participation in extracurricular physical exercise.


Middle school student; Extracurricular activities; Status quo; Analysis