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Research on the Construction and Application of the Small Group Program Teaching Mode of Badminton--A Case Study of Gannan Medical University

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DOI: 10.25236/icssae.2019.080


Ying Gao, Yunlong Geng and Qiaozhen Yan

Corresponding Author

Qiaozhen Yan


With the continuous deepening of physical education reform in colleges and universities, traditional badminton teaching methods have been difficult to adapt to the current teaching requirements. This paper takes the students of Gannan Medical University as the research object and uses the literature data method, the teaching experiment method,small group program Teachingand method and the mathematical statistics method. This paper attempts to construct the teaching mode of badminton small group program, and obtain the required data through teaching experiments and measurement of main evaluation indicators. The results show that: the small group program teaching model in the experimental class had higher performance and growth rate than the control class in badminton special technical tests, special footwork test, and special quality test. It shows that the new teaching mode has certain advantages in teaching effect compared with the traditional teaching mode, and it is feasible and applicable in the teaching of college badminton class.


Badminton; small group programming; teaching mode