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Critical Comments On The Statement From Tan Weiwei's Agency

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DOI: 10.25236/icssae.2019.078


Haowen Feng and Weimin Ouyang

Corresponding Author

Weimin Ouyang


On November 7, On December 5, 2015, in the dragon TV program, Tan Weiwei sang a rock song "Give You Some Color" with artists with Laoqiang Opera of Huayin County, which shocked the whole audience. Shortly after it was widely praised, the plagiarism scandal came. On the evening of December 16, 2015, Tan Weiwei’s agency issued a statement in response to the public's concerns. Instead of appeasing social doubts, the statement triggered new public opinion. In this paper, we try to make comments on the statement from the perspective of critical thinking, and revealed the internal reasons why the statement is not accepted by the society.


Thinking fallacy; Selective blindness; False Analogy