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Research on the Route of Industrial Poverty Alleviation in Ethnic Minority Areas

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DOI: 10.25236/icssae.2019.069


Ran Zhao

Corresponding Author

Ran Zhao


the industrial poverty alleviation in eastern Inner Mongolia should start from resource endowment and market radiation space, avoid path dependence, industrial development needs to extend the industrial chain and increase high value-added products, and establish northern China's products -- industrial innovation and development cluster. Poverty alleviation needs to solve the problems of chronic poverty and temporary poverty, eliminate the generation of poverty inertia, so that the poverty problem can be truly solved. Developed regions, especially the eastern region, have assumed important responsibilities in industrial poverty alleviation and east-west cooperation. With technical assistance as the theme, consumer poverty alleviation as the main line and industrial poverty alleviation as the main body, a new system of regional cooperation and integrated development has been established to help impoverished areas out of poverty. Industrial poverty alleviation should avoid industrial homogeneity, and achieve the pareto optimality of industrial economy by implementing the heterogeneous elements with bias. The establishment of a complete poverty alleviation mechanism should be guaranteed at both the policy level and the system level, and the key is the guarantee of capital or capital.


Poverty alleviation by industry; Path dependence; Poverty trap; development path