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Application of Decorative Patterns of Tibetan Dwelling Buildings in West Sichuan in the Construction of Residential Quarters

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DOI: 10.25236/icssae.2019.066


Fengyan Shao

Corresponding Author

Fengyan Shao


Under the development background of the current tourism craze, more and more people choose to travel to ethnic areas, and local villagers update and transform their dwellings to build homelands. But at present most of the minority areas of the home stay facility construction lack of distinctive design, lack of the integration of national culture, lack of meet the needs of modernization, this article through the analysis and research building decoration pattern in the application of home stay facility construction in national regions, built for the local home stay facility collect abundant creative elements and cultural symbols, realize the sustainable development of the home stay facility in national regions. The formation of decorative patterns in Tibetan residential buildings comes from the unique and simple folk culture of Tibetan people, which has distinct regional characteristics and high research value. The decorative patterns of traditional Tibetan houses formed in history objectively reflect the unique living customs and religious culture of Tibetan compatriots. In the traditional Tibetan residential buildings, most of the image patterns and patterns with historical, symbolic and religious significance still have a certain practical value today.


Residential accommodation; Tibetan residence; Architecture; Decorative pattern