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Research on Social Marketing Strategy of Military Projects of World Military Games

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DOI: 10.25236/icssae.2019.065


Sun Jie

Corresponding Author

Sun Jie


The marketization of military programs of the World Military Games has a certain foundation in Europe and the United States, and the development of the domestic social market is in its infancy. As military sports are known, recognized and selected by more people, the market space is increasing year by year, but its cost investment is high and market development is difficult. Therefore, for military sports, marketing strategy Research is crucial. This paper studies the marketing strategy of the military program of the World Military Games, and analyzes the problems in the research: the main factors affecting the development of military sports society are the relative solidification of the social market, the lack of ways to meet market demand, and the high development and operation costs. so as to put forward corresponding solutions.


Military World Games; military programs; marketing; competitiveness