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Research on the Teaching Model of Engineering Practice Innovation Project (EPIP)

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DOI: 10.25236/icssae.2019.063


Ying Li

Corresponding Author

Ying Li


Engineering Practice Innovation Project (EPIP) is a teaching mode guided by practical engineering projects, guided by practical application, aimed at cultivating innovative ability and guided by project practice. Its purpose is to enhance students' practical ability and cultivate students' innovative spirit and ability. As a practical platform of EPIP, "Luban Workshop" is of great significance for China's education to go abroad and share with the world. In order to implement the education mode of EPIP for engineering practice better, it is proposed to reform personnel training mode, expand personnel training form, improve hardware facilities and enhance the quality of teaching staff, so as to train high-quality talents and serve the development of "The Belt and Road Initiative ".


Engineering; Practice; Innovation; Project