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Innovating College Students' Ideological and Political Education Based on Campus Network Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/icssae.2019.052


Xinyu Li, Yichen Yu, Yuxian Liu

Corresponding Author

Xinyu Li


With the continuous development of modern Internet technology, the network has been gradually popularized, the Internet platform continues to go deep into the lives of students, learning, has a multiple impact on it, at the same time, this trend also poses a severe challenge to the way and method of campus education. At present, the campus network platform has become a new tool for many colleges and universities to carry out cultural and political ideological education, which not only innovates the way of education, but also makes more college students willing to actively accept the ideological and political education carried out by the school. In the face of such a situation, this paper analyzes and explores how to use an effective network platform to fully expand and innovate the ideological and political education of college students.


Campus network platform; College students' ideological and political education; Campus culture construction