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A Brief Analysis on the Changes of English Words in US TV Series

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DOI: 10.25236/icssae.2019.037


Guirong Kou, Yuan Liang

Corresponding Author

Yuan Liang


The three most important aspects in English study are pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. Nevertheless, as the basis of English study, vocabulary hasn’t received as much attention as the other two. If morphology can be integrated into English teaching and learning, and word formations can be used more efficiently, the effectiveness of vocabulary study will be increased accordingly. In the American TV series Friends, there are lots of intriguing changes of words in the lines. Native speakers use these word changes to make their communication concise and fluent, and sometimes to create an atmosphere of humor. By studying these word changes, this paper aims to summarize practical ways to help English learners better understand word formations through which new English words might be memorized more easily.


Word formation; Word changes; Word learning