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Dual Visions of Plum Trees in Japanese Painting of Edo Period

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DOI: 10.25236/icssae.2019.030


Jiayu Zhou and Xiaopei Cui

Corresponding Author

Jiayu Zhou


Due to the intensive cultural exchange between China and Japan, the Japanese paintings shared many similarities with Chinese traditional motifs; the plum tree was one common motif in Chinese art and literature. There are three kinds of paintings in Edo Japan, Rinpa, Kano and Literati paintings. Different schools serve for different social classes. Each of them employed distinctive methods and style in drawing plum trees. According to the analysis of three plum tree paintings in Edo Japan, I conclude that there is a dual vision of plum trees in Japanese painting. One vision is Chinese and masculine, and the other is indigenous Japanese and feminine.


Edo period; Japanese Paintings; Plum Trees; Dual Visions; Feminine; Masculine