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Visual Analysis on the Hot Spots and Frontier of Physical Education Reform in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icssae.2019.029


Pengpeng Guo, Shuhua Song, Chungang Gao and Bin Zhang

Corresponding Author

Shuhua Song


Objective: To summarize the hot spots and frontiers of the reform of physical education in colleges and universities in China. Methods By using Cite Space V software to statistically analyze and visually interpret the relevant literature about physical education reform in colleges and universities in core journals collected by CNKI. Results: The mapping knowledge of author cooperation, institutional cooperation, high-frequency keywords co-occurrence, time zone view and keywords of citation burst sequence diagram were drawn. Conclusion: The first conclusion, the knowledge evolution of physical education reform can be divided into three stages: the first stage (1996-2004), the related research mainly focuses on “Health First”, which is the guiding ideology. This paper probes into such problems as the interactive relationship between the teaching reform of physical education and the concept of life-long physical education and so on. The second stage (2005-2014) mainly focuses on the use of college physical education option “Triple independent” teaching and so on and higher vocational colleges physical education curriculum reform is also within. The third stage (2015-2018) mainly focuses on the research on the theory and practice of physical education, the construction of a case base of physical education under big data’s thinking, the practice and theoretical guidance of football teaching and so on. The research on the theory and teaching practice of physical education strategy, the teaching reform of public physical education, the establishment of teaching case base and the practice of football teaching are the frontier topics of physical education reform. The second conclusion, the high frequency keywords are mainly divided into 10 categories including the research on the reform of school physical education teaching in schools, the research on the introduction of tea culture into the reform of physical education, the construction of curriculum system of physical education, and the reform of physical education in higher vocational colleges, the reform and practice of physical education content, the cultivation of college students' sports health ability, the cultivation of students' physical exercise consciousness, the "Triple independent" teaching model in physical education, and the construction of case teaching database of physical education courses as well as teaching methods of physical education reform.


Physical education reform; Colleges and universities; Knowledge graph; Hot frontier