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Research on the Construction of Course Groups System of Applied Talents Training for E-Commerce

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DOI: 10.25236/icssae.2019.020


Daijiang Chen, Qian Wu

Corresponding Author

Daijiang Chen


With the rapid development of China's e-commerce industry, the demand for e-commerce talents is growing. However, some studies have shown that the employment rate of e-commerce students is not ideal in recent years. One of the important reasons is that colleges and universities on e-commerce professional training curriculum system is not reasonable. Based on the analysis of the e-commerce curriculum system, this paper puts forward a new type of e-commerce application-oriented talents training course groups system with characteristics, and further points out how to build the course groups, which can provide reference for the development of E-commerce in Colleges and universities.


E-commerce; personnel training; course groups; application type