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Study on the Development Strategy of Yunnan Sports Industry Based on SWOT-AHP Model

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DOI: 10.25236/icssae.2019.019


Yinlong Bai, Ruixin Nie, Jiankang He

Corresponding Author

Ruixin Nie


This paper firstly uses SWOT analysis method to qualitatively analyze the factors affecting the development of sports industry in Yunnan, designs the AHP network structure that can accurately reflect the relationship between the influencing factors to measure the influence weight coefficient of the related factors, and then establishes SWOT- AHP comprehensive analysis model to choose a development strategy of the sports industry. The research shows that Yunnan sports industry has great advantages in developing natural resources and human landscapes, along with development opportunities such as national policies, it is necessary to adopt SO development strategy. And this paper proposes following two suggestions. Make full use of the opportunities including the resource advantage of sports industry, policy opportunities and reform of residents’ consumption structure to promote the sustainable development of sports industry; consolidate the foundation of sports industry, improve the infrastructure, form a diversified financing mechanism, attach importance to the training and introduction of employees in the sports industry, and focus on creating a number of well-known brands with distinctive characteristics.


Yunnan; sports industry; development strategy; SWOT-AHP model; influencing factors