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Reflections on the Merger Wave of Global Stock Exchanges

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DOI: 10.25236/icssae.2019.011


Lingyan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Lingyan Zhang


Under the influence of economic globalization,rapid development of information technology and stock exchange corporatization, the wave of global stock exchange merger began to appear in the early 21st century. This article in combing the consolidation of major events since the 90 s on the basis of summarizing the global stock exchange in the merging process of exchange system by membership gradually became a company type, product diversity, the electronic system can be several multinational networking trend, secondly to trigger a wave of exchange consolidation, analyzes the main reasons of the last exchanges in Asia Europe and the United States capital was concerned, brings to the investor and issuer convenience and exchange of competition at the international level in full swing three aspects analyzes the impact of the global exchange consolidation.


Merger wave; Trend; The reason; Impact