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On the Content Validity of the Reading Part of 2019 TEM4

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DOI: 10.25236/icssae.2019.010


Yueyang Qi

Corresponding Author

Yueyang Qi


As one of the national standard examinations for College English majors, Test for English Majors (TEM4) is well recognized in China. It is not only the main instrument to measure the language proficiency of English majors, but also a mirror to reflect the situation of English teaching in China. Whether or not the TEM4 is valid and efficient is important to both English learners and teachers, and forth is worthy thinking of. Since reading comprehension, which tests the reading ability of English learners, weighs much in the TEM4, this paper tries to examine the content validity of the reading part of 2019 TEM4, in accordance to the TEM4 test syllabus and test specifications.


TEM4; Reading Comprehension; Content Validity