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Research on the Development Direction of Graphic Creative Design under the Background of Digital Media Era

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DOI: 10.25236/icssae.2019.009


Lingzhi Chen and Guodong Yi

Corresponding Author

Lingzhi Chen


Based on the development background of modern digital media technology, graphic creative design has undergone great changes. It is no longer a static and isolated visual expression and individual graphic symbol, but an integrated design integrating visual, auditory, tactile and gustatory elements. From form to transmission mode, it has the characteristics of the digital era. Digital media has the characteristics of sound and image collection, picture and text, etc. Its use extends the connotation and meaning of graphics and conveys information more effectively. Now the logo design will be toward three-dimensional dynamic, interactive experience, connotation of humanity, personalization, nationalization and other direction of development.


Digital media; Graphic Creative Design; Network Technology