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Research on the Influence of Perceived Quality of Automobile Products on Customer Satisfaction

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DOI: 10.25236/icssae.2019.003


Xiaoge Wang and Baixuan Wang

Corresponding Author

Baixuan Wang


As we all know, measuring the value of the car brand in the minds of consumers can not simply rely on sales target, it aims to studies the influence of the perceived quality of automobile products on customer satisfaction. This paper start from the consumer's perception evaluation, and use the automobile brand as the independent variable, and then look at the change of the dependent variable. This paper chooses the same grade automobile brand as the standard sample of the research object, through combing the relevant research literature, combined with the influencing factors of the consumer perceived quality, and drawing on the interview results of the experts in the automobile industry in China. On the basis of literature review and empirical analysis, using correlation analysis of data analysis software SPSS, we get a positive correlation between car perceived quality and customer satisfaction. In addition, this article conducted a consumer survey, through the comparative study of different automobile brand analysis, we can draw a conclusion that the consumer is inclined to the international brand, this shows that the product quality and influence of foreign brands, domestic brands ahead. So, how to improve product quality, improve customer satisfaction will be an important issue which China's auto brand is facing.


Perceived quality; Customer satisfaction; Automobile