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Inheritance and development of traditional musical elements in he Zhanhao's guzheng works

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2019.037



Corresponding Author



Mr. He Zhanhao is involved in the integration of the advantages of western music expression and Chinese national music culture to express the national thoughts and feelings. In his words, it is "the nationalization of foreign forms and the modernization of national music", which is the principle he followed in music creation. Under the guidance of this principle, his new works are constantly emerging and active on the stage of Chinese national music. Since the 1980s, "modernization of national music" has been the goal of Mr. He Zhanhao's own creation. He takes it as the responsibility of a modern composer to actively explore the development of Zheng music. Many of his Zheng music works are loved by the masses of people and become the classics of Chinese zheng music in the 20th century. Its music vocabulary is rooted in the national soil; the themes of the works are mostly popular folk stories in China; traditional folk music materials are mostly used; there are distinct plot segments; while trying to tap the characteristics of national instrumental music, the works are endowed with rich appeal and artistic tension.


He Zhanhao; Guzheng works; Traditional elements