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Research on Improving the Teaching Effect of College Physical Education with Wechat

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2019.035


Lin Wang and Liujie Yang

Corresponding Author

Lin Wang


This paper chooses physique Class 1 and Class 2 of 2018 public elective course of Sichuan Agricultural University as the research objects, and adopts traditional teaching method and Wechat teaching method respectively. It can be seen from the comparison of teaching results that the teaching mode of Wechat platform can better aim at the differences among students, take the development of students as the subjects, and improve the initiative of students’ learning. In this way, students' enthusiasm and interest in learning can be mobilized, so as to achieve better learning effect and enhance the effectiveness of the curriculum. Health first, lifelong physical education is the main goal of college physical education. The physique course not only meets the physiological and psychological needs of modern and contemporary students, but also plays a unique role in the comprehensive quality of college students. The physique education of Wechat mode can better show the teaching objectives and significance of college physical education.


Wechat teaching; Traditional teaching; Physical education teaching; Physique; College physical education