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Empirical Study on Influencing Factors and Countermeasures of Artistic Expression of Sports Dance

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2019.033


Zhu Chen

Corresponding Author

Zhu Chen


With the enrichment of students' after-school entertainment, sports dance art courses are gradually loved and accepted by students. Although the art of sports dance has achieved little in some large-scale competitions, on the whole, the expressive force of students in sports dance still needs to be cultivated and there is much room for improvement. At present, many schools in our country have also actively carried out sports dance education, which can not only enhance students' interest in physical exercise, but also cultivate students' artistic accomplishment. Through the methods of literature review and questionnaire, this paper mainly analyzes the influencing factors of artistic expression of sports dance and the methods of cultivating artistic expression. Find out the influencing factors that affect the artistic expression of sports dance, and put forward relevant solutions to the influencing factors, so as to improve the overall performance of sports dance and provide certain theoretical support for the development of sports dance.


Sports Dance; Expressiveness; Factors; Countermeasures