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A Study on the Application of Shadow Play in Kindergarten Teaching Games

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2019.030


Sihong Zhao

Corresponding Author

Sihong Zhao


Traditional culture is the inner spiritual foundation of a nation's existence and development. The relationship between traditional culture and education is inseparable. Education that is separated from the traditional culture is just a simple inheritance of knowledge. Traditional culture without educational communication lost the environment for survival and development. With the economic and social development, people's pursuit of the spiritual level is moving towards a higher and broader level. The traditional culture is profound and has a long history. In the new historical period, how to fully tap the value of education in traditional culture is not only a social problem, but also an educational issue. Shadow play of Huaxian is a bright pearl of art in traditional Chinese culture. Huaxian shadow play is applied to education, which has very important social functions and educational potentials.


Huaxian Shadow; Kindergarten; Game; Heritage