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Teacher’s Role in Using Movies as Instruments in English Classes for Junior College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2019.027


Li Sun

Corresponding Author

Li Sun


Nowadays, Many English Teachers Choose to Use Movies as Instruments to Help Learners Improve Their English Skills. Using Movies in Class Offers a Wide, Active and Vivid Visual Situation and Enables Students to Experience Personally on the Scene. It Provides Students with a Shortcut to Know Foreign Countries and Cultures Which Helps Them to Improve Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Translating Skills. However, in Junior College student’s English Class, When Our Learners Are Lack of Self-Learning Ability, the Disadvantages of Using Movies Often Take Dominance and the Advantages Are Not Fully Realized. It Needs teachers’ Guidance to Help Students to Learn How to Improve Their English Ability through Movies and Develop the Ability of Self-Learning. Thus, teacher’s Role is of Crucial Importance When Movies Are Used in Class. This Paper First Review and Analyze Theories Related to Teaching Language with Movies in Class. Then This Paper Analyzes the Roles That Teachers Play in Junior College students’ English Class. to Make the Lesson Efficient, a Teacher Should Be an Advocate, Designer, Organizer, Leader, Explainer, Assessor, Operator and Researcher. At Last the Author Gives Some Suggestions of the Activities Related to Using Movies as an Instrument in Class. It is Hoped the Findings of This Paper May Help Teachers with the Preparation of the Lesson and Make Class Time More Effective and Efficient.


English Teaching; Movies; Teacher’s Role; Junior College Students