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Agriculture Development in Western Region Based on Principal Component Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2019.020


Yan Zhang, Lu Feng

Corresponding Author

Yan Zhang


Agriculture is the Basic Industry to Support the Economic Construction and Development of a Region, is an Important Industrial Sector, and Contributes Greatly to the Overall Development of Organic Agriculture. in Recent Years, the Development of Organic Agriculture Has Produced Obvious Effects on Chinese Industrial Structure Adjustment, Farmers' Income Increase and Environmental Protection, and Has Become an Advantageous Industry with Great Potential. However, Due to the Restriction of Many Factors, There is Still a Big Gap between the Development of Chinese Organic Agriculture and That of Developed Countries. Based on the Relevant Data in the Statistical Yearbook of the Western Region, This Paper Selects Seven Economic Indicators to Measure the Development of Agricultural Organic Agriculture, and Makes a Comprehensive Evaluation and Ranking of the Development of Agricultural Organic Agriculture in the Western Region through Spss Software. the Western Region is Divided into Four Levels According to the Comprehensive Development Level of Agricultural Economy, and Puts Forward the Policy Suggestions That the Western Region Should Pay Attention to the Development of Ecological Agriculture, Characteristic Agriculture and Other Policies, So as to Provide Reference for the Development of Agricultural Economy in the Western Region.


Principal Component Analysis; Western Region; Organic Farming