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An Analysis of Language Art in English and American Literature from the Perspective of Cross Culture

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2019.018


Hu Rui

Corresponding Author

Hu Rui


in the Development of Modern Society, the Development of Economic Society Has a Positive Impact on People's Quality of Life and Economic Level. in People's Daily Life, Work and Study, Using Language to Communicate with Each Other, to Promote the Emotion between People, and to Express Personal Emotion and Thought through Language Are the Main Media to Promote the Harmonious Development between People. under the Influence of Cross-Cultural Perspective, the Appreciation of British and American Literary Works Requires the Analysis of the Emotion Expressed by the Author and the Style of the Works, and Then the Targeted Artistic Analysis of Literary Works, Learning from Foreign Effective Culture, Combining with the Analysis of the Language and Art of Chinese Literary Works, Which Plays a Good Role in Promoting the Development of Chinese Literary Works.


Cross Cultural Perspective; English and American Literature; Language Art