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The Application of “Flipped Classroom” in College English Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2019.017


Wang Jingjin, Shen Yanxing, Hu Rui, Yang Yang

Corresponding Author

Wang Jingjin


College English is Not Only an Important Subject of Higher Knowledge Learning, But Also an Important Channel for College Students to Acquire Core English Literacy. At Present, the Form of College English Teaching in Our Country is Not Optimistic, Students' English Language Output Ability is Poor, Their Interest in English Learning is Insufficient, and They Are Lack of English Autonomous Learning Ability. in Addition, the Existing College English Teaching Mode Can Not Meet the Needs of College Students' Convenient English Learning, and Students' Learning Efficiency is Not High. as a Typical Representative of Modern Quality-Oriented Education, the “Flipped Classroom” Model Breaks the Barriers of Classroom Solidification, Focuses on Student-Oriented, Solves the Current Teaching Difficulties of College English, and Provides New Ideas for the Development of English Teaching. This Paper Will Analyze from Three Aspects: “Student-Oriented, Role Reversal”, “Information Technology, Classroom Reversal” and “Co Construction of Teachers and Students, Breaking the Boundaries”, in Order to Promote the Development of College English Teaching in China.


College English; Active Thinking; Information Technology; Flipped Classroom