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An Analysis of Cultural Vacancy in the Process of Cultural Translation of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2019.015


Yang Yang

Corresponding Author

Yang Yang


China Has a Long History. in the Development Process of Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture, It Lays a Strong Foundation for the Development of China's Medical and Health Undertakings, Which Can Effectively Demonstrate the Long History of China's Medical Direction. Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture Has Gradually Separated from a Single Medical Field in the Historical and Cultural Background of Our Country, But as a Part of Our Excellent Traditional Culture, It Can Show Our Country's Important Historical and Cultural Achievements in Politics, Economy, Philosophy, Art and Many Other Aspects. with the Continuous Development and Progress of Social Economy, It is an Important Link in the Process of Chinese History and Culture to Carry Forward Tcm Translation in the New Era. How to Give Tcm Translation a New Impetus for Development is an Urgent Problem to Be Solved in the Current Tcm Translation Construction.


Tcm Culture; Translation; Current Situation; Measures