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“Single Window” Practice of Fujian Free Trade Zone International Trade

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2019.009


Siwei Dai, Shiru Liao

Corresponding Author

Siwei Dai


Fujian Province is Located on the Southeast Coast of China, Facing Taiwan Across the Sea, and Has a Unique Advantage over Taiwan. the Fujian Free Trade Pilot Zone Intends to Take “Opening to Taiwan” and “Comprehensive Cooperation” as the Direction, and Try First in Terms of Investment Access Policies, Measures for Facilitation of Trade in Goods, and Opening Up the Service Industry, and Take the Lead in Realizing Trade in Goods and Services in the Zone Liberalization. in Order to Further Promote Trade Facilitation, in 2014, the Fujian Provincial People's Government Began to Build a “One-Stop Service” for International Trade in Accordance with the Important Idea of “Business Demand-Oriented and Problem-Oriented”. in April 2015, the “Single Window” Went Online.the Main Content of the “One-Stop” Platform for International Trade Includes “Four Parts”, Namely a Platform Interface, Two Physical Operations, Three Collection Data Sets, and Four Single-Input Transmissions. Its Main Purpose is to Improve the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Data Information Exchange and Control between Relevant Ministries and Import and Export Companies. through the “One-Stop Service”, the Company's Customs Declaration is More Practical, the Customs Clearance Process is More Optimized, the Port Supervision is More Efficient, and a Corresponding Mechanism Has Been Established in the Early Stage. in Particular, with the Full Implementation of China's Back-End Electronic Inspection and Quarantine System, the First Batch of Results from the Implementation, Inspection and Release, Inspection and Integration of Quarantine Has Been Harvested.


“Single Window”; Fujian Free Trade Zone International Trade